• Steps-Infographics-PowerPoint-Template
  • Four-Steps-Infographics-PowerPoint-Template
  • Four-Steps-Infographics-PowerPoint-Template-Dark
  • Five-Steps-Infographics-PowerPoint-Presentation-Template
  • Five-Steps-Infographics-PowerPoint-Presentation-Template-Dark
  • Five-Steps-Infographics-Presentation-Template
  • Five-Steps-Infographics-Presentation-Template-Dark
  • 6-Steps-Infographics-PowerPoint-Template
  • 6-Steps-Infographics-PowerPoint-Template-Dark
  • Six-Steps-Infographics-PowerPoint-Template
  • Six-Steps-Infographics-PowerPoint-Template-Dark
  • Five-Steps-Infographics-PowerPoint-Template
  • Five-Steps-Infographics-PowerPoint-Template-Dark
  • Three-Steps-Infographics-PowerPoint-Template
  • Three-Steps-Infographics-PowerPoint-Template-Dark
  • 5-Steps-Infographics-PowerPoint-Template
  • 5-Steps-Infographics-PowerPoint-Template-Dark
  • 5-Steps-Infographics-Presentation-Template
  • 5-Steps-Infographics-Presentation-Template-Dark

Steps Infographics for PowerPoint presentation is a collection of 20 slides with a variety of step diagrams for PowerPoint presentations. So, the Presentation deck only contains step infographics that consume a range of PowerPoint presentations from business to academic. This step package includes 3 to 6-step diagrams with many shapes and formats. When creating a business presentation, the visual format is vital in gaining engagement.

Therefore, the presenters can pick suitable step templates according to their phases and contents.

The List of Step PowerPoint Templates in the collection

  • Cover slide showing a grid view of step diagrams.
  • Four-section infographic with small and big square columns (black and white copy available)
  • Five-column step infographic with color edges
  • Zigzag timeline with step banner presentation box designs
  • Six-stage circle diagram with elaborate text placeholder columns
  • Circle PPT for six stage presentation in a color spread design
  • Step diagram in growth stairs PowerPoint
  • 3-step connected diagram with infographic cliparts.
  • Five-step infographic as banner design with SmartArt vectors
  • Steps PPT in up and down text placeholders

All the slides in the collection have duplicate copies as the black and white PPT background. The step infographic template is useful in delivering a wide range of topics. All PowerPoint features are editable shapes, allowing users to customize their appearance and style.