• MABA Analysis PowerPoint Template
  • MABA Analysis PowerPoint Templates

MABA Analysis PowerPoint Template will help companies understand their position in a competitive market. The business analysis PowerPoint, however, enhances the presentation with its high visual impact and statistical effects like infographics and charts. The result graphics of the business slide creates an outstanding presentation that appeals to the global audience. This PowerPoint MABA analysis template is useful as a training guide for employees. This diagram has operational plans that aid in gathering facts and implementing strategies. MABA is a strategic analysis tool that can help organizations shape business and marketing strategies.

The MABA analysis template for PowerPoint shows X and Y axis along with their attributes. The vertical Y axis shows the market attractiveness. It evaluates the strength of the market in which the product competes. The measuring variables are market size, market growth, profitability, the strength of competition, barriers to entry, segmentation, financial risk, technology, and changes in demand. The X-axis shows the business attractiveness. It helps measure how competitive the product is. The variables may include; reputation, innovation, product quality, financial aspects, prices, brand strength, market share, and customer relationship.

The MABA Analysis PowerPoint Template offers a chart showing market attractiveness and business attractiveness. The color circle spots on the surface of the diagram suggest a highly attractive, relatively small, but attractive opportunity, a Medium size, quite attractive market in which the company holds 35% market share, and a Large market, yet not a very attractive opportunity. It also shows high BA but Low MA spots. The professional-looking MABA analysis chart PowerPoint has enough place to create your texts according to your market analysis evaluations. Use it now!