• tows analysis template

TOWS analysis template is an evaluation tool to understand an organization’s internal and external threats, opportunities, weaknesses and strengths. TOWS analysis model is aligned in reverse order when comparing SWOT analysis. It is a tool for evaluating businesses strategic choices. It is simple to understand organization's problems as well as opportunities while conducting internal and external analysis.

TOWS analysis is comprised of the same tools and techniques but in a reverse format. SWOT and TOWS are similar techniques that analyze both macro and micro factors of a business's internal and external environment. However, in TOWS analysis, threats and opportunities come first, before analyzing strengths and weaknesses. It allows businesses to understand threats and opportunities first and then can make proper decisions to overcome negative impacts on strength and get rid of the weakness of the company. Whether it’s SWOT or TOWS analysis, both are doing the same function but in a different alignment. So, the understanding of external and internal factors in a different format aids you in evaluating your problem differently.

The TOWS analysis PowerPoint template is a simple design to display verified results. The global corporate or SME businesses can state the factors in a remarkably appealing design with a place for written content. PowerPoint is an extraordinary way to present TOWS analysis or explain its concept. More, the business PowerPoint matrix contains an attractive infographic illustration and shapes of flat design vector graphics. The TOWS matrix PowerPoint has several text areas to place your comment regarding the analysis.

Similar to other PowerPoint business diagrams, TOWS analysis template has multiple options to edit its features. The presenters can modify the graphical effects with simple clicks. You can save your time and effort using the default picture because it is impeccably designed by professional PowerPoint makers. You can use the TOWS diagram PowerPoint for both academic and business purposes.