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PEST Analysis PowerPoint Template

Our pre-designed PEST analysis PowerPoint template is compatible with any of the presentation topics. The PEST Analysis PPT is ideal for designing professional analysis presentation in PowerPoint. Using our PPT Designs, the presenter can create an efficacious PEST Analysis including all major aspects with the aid of multiple visual graphics. Business is nevertheless the same. The external and internal business environment frequently changes. The business professionals should always be aware of factors affecting the industry and should implement different analysis to keep a regular check. One such important analysis includes PEST Analysis. PEST Analysis is the study of external macro-environment factors that affect the functioning of the business. PEST is an external analysis where ‘’P ‘’ stands for Politics, ‘’E’’ for Economic, ‘’S’’ for Social and ‘’T’’ for Technology. These are the macro environmental factors which are essential for strategic management. PEST Analysis is a valuable business tool for knowing the market status, business position, track upcoming opportunities, planning of marketing activities, product research and development etc.

PEST Analysis assists the organizations in making better business decisions and improving efficiency. The four major factor of PEST includes:

  1. Political: It's basically the study of the political environment. This factor indicates to what extent government influences the economy. Political factors have an area including tax policy, fiscal policy, labour law, trade restrictions and tariffs.
  2. Economic: It’s the study of the economic environment. These factors directly effect on business operations and decision-making powers. Economic factors include interest rate, economic growth, the rate of exchange, inflation rate etc.
  3. Social: It forms the macro-environment of the organisation. These factors result in changing the demand for product and services. Social factors includes cultural aspects and health consciousness, population growth, age distribution etc.
  4. Technological: These factors include the study of factors which are related to technological advancements. Technological factors include Research and development, automation and rate of technological change.

Our PEST Analysis PowerPoint Template is crafted to simplify the work of the presenter and assists in highlighting the findings of the analysis. The template includes Four PEST Analysis Presentation Slide which allows the presenter to showcase the data in different layouts. All sides are fully customisable; the user can modify every element of the template according to project needs. Download our PEST PowerPoint Template and Keynote and decorate your presentation with our catchy and creative template.