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3 Horizons Framework PowerPoint Template

Slide bazaar already covered few key frameworks, that strategic frameworks are extremely flexible and battle-tested over the years. Business strategy presentation is common in corporate and other SMEs. Here, we proudly present three horizons framework PowerPoint template to illustrate the importance of innovation and strategic interventions in business and market. Three horizon framework PowerPoint diagram is a presentation design template for Microsoft PowerPoint and Mac keynote containing the popular three horizon design. The curved line design shows the three stages of business innovation and improvement. The three horizon framework helps to describe and understand the different phases in a company growth process and the margin improvement. When a company matured, they face a saturation and inertia, to overcome these situations and back on track, company should develop new innovative strategies. The three horizon model framework provides a structure for companies to assess potential opportunities for growth by considering the performance in the current stage.

Three horizon framework PowerPoint template is all about keeping you focused on growth and innovation. This strategy framework requires you to categorize your goals into three different horizons. Horizon 1; maintain and defend core business, horizon 2; nurture emerging business, and horizon 3; create genuinely new business. The horizon 1 is related to your current business and most of your immediate income making activity will sit in the first horizon, which include the daily activities associated with selling, marketing and serving product or customers. Horizon 2 taking what you already have, and extending into new areas of revenue-generation activity. Geographical expansion of business and launching new products are example of this second horizon. Horizon 3 is introducing entirely new elements to your businesses that don’t exist today. For a significant period of time, these ideas may be potentially unprofitable it take long duration to generate revenue.

The three horizon ppt diagram model for PowerPoint presentation can be used as a growth template, the design shows the three horizon need to be altered or changed because it represents the original model of the concept.

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