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Three lines of defense powerpoint template offer 3 layout designs to show the business risk management model. It helps management professionals to measure various business activities. The graphics have been designed in such a way as to illustrate organizational risk management parameters with the three lines of defense. The three lines of defense provide a structure around internal controls and risk management within a business by explaining roles and responsibilities in different areas and the relationship between those different zones. The powerpoint business risk management presentation allows users to teach the first line, second and third lines of defense in a comprehensive manner. The strategy model template displays risk mitigation and management control standards for internal control systems.

The first line of defense: Business and process owners are responsible for maintaining effective internal controls and implementing risk and control measures. The management can decide on standard risk mitigation levels.

The second line of defense: The second line supports the first line to ensure risks and controls are effectively managed. It includes all processes such as inspection, financial control, quality, security, and compliance. In addition, it monitors financial risks and financial reporting issues.

The third line of defense: This line focused on high organizational independence and objectivity. It includes an internal audit and provide suggestions and recommendation regarding the process.

The three lines of defense template for the powerpoint presentation has three variant design structures on black and white background. The first slide has a complex structure that shows three lines of defense with descriptive templates. The red, blue, and green powerpoint columns are central to the theme and briefly show the first, second, and third lines of defense. The second and third templates are simple designs in colorful layouts. Therefore, you can easily classify three lines of defense with detailed descriptions. Besides, customization lets you add infographic icons or other effects. Download different types of business powerpoint presentations now!