• EPRG framework template

polycentricEPRG framework template is a marketing management diagram created to teach the concept of different marketing strategies. EPRG is a tool that belongs to the internationalization process of business. For each country, businesses are looking to create various marketing and management strategies. However, some companies are like to follow the same management orientations that are already in practice in their home country. At the same time, some are creating different strategies for different nations according to the peculiarities of that region. EPRG framework contains those management orientations that are suitable in other countries. So, this EPRG PowerPoint template could be used to present the internationalization of business management.

The acronym EPRG represents the concept of Ethnocentric, Polycentric, Regiocentric, and Geocentric. This was developed by Howard V Perlmuter and Wind and Douglas in 1969. It suggests which approach is most appropriate for attaining successful results in nations abroad. The ethnocentric approach proposes the same marketing methodologies that are used in home nations. The company that pursues the Regiocentric method of the framework studies the similarities and differences in the world and adopts suitable approaches in different locations. The geocentric system suggests the integration of polycentric and ethnocentric approaches. This means “think global and act locally”. Finally, the polycentric process offers local marketing strategies for local needs. So, it sees each country as a unique “entity”; hence it needs its own marketing strategies. You can access more PowerPoint diagrams here. Grab the free ppt now!

EPRG framework template for PowerPoint presentation contains different graphical elements such as charts, timelines, circle diagrams, matrix diagrams, and square shape PowerPoint templates. All these designs are fit for business ppt presentations with attraction. You can modify features without losing image quality and the default conceptual themes. If you want to detail EPRG to your colleagues or share it with your students, it will help make a detailed presentation. Create an engaging marketing presentation without raising sighs in the hall.