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Marketing 7c Compass PowerPoint Model

Marketing 7c compass model PowerPoint is a compass diagram presentation with a professional marketing model. The 7c model is an extension of 4c marketing model with a variation of 4 PS marketing mix model and 7 PS marketing mix model. 4 PS and 7 PS marketing mix focuses productions, whereas, the 7 cs compass model focuses customer or consumer. In customer oriented marketing mix, product becomes commodity, price becomes cost, place becomes channel and promotion becomes communication. This simple diagramming of concepts created a change in marketing management thinking and strategy. Modern economies have shown this pattern shift towards customer satisfaction as a primacy. This marketing 7c compass model is introduced by Koichi Shimizu as a model of co-marketing.

C1: Corporation

The company has to think about competitors, organization and stakeholders. Acquiescence and responsibility are also important.

C2: Commodity

Co-creation.The goods and services for customers or citizens.

C3: Cost.

Purchasing cost and social cost should be included in the total cost

C4: Channel

C5: Communication

Not only campaign or promotion but communication is significant. Communications can include advertising, sales promotion, public relations, publicity, corporate identity, personal selling, internal communication.

C6: Consumer (Needle of compass to consumer)

The features linked to consumers can be clarified by the first character of four directions labeled on the compass model. These can be remembered by the basic directions, hence the name compass model:

  • N = Needs
  • S = Security
  • E = Education
  • W = Wants

C7: Circumstances (Needle of compass to circumstances)

In addition to the customer, there are various uncontrollable extraneous factors encircling the companies. Here it can also be elucidated by the chief character of the four directions manifest on the compass model:

  • N = National and International (legal,political, and ethical) environment