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SIVA MARKETING MIX MODEL TEMPLATE is a marketing PowerPoint focusing business to consumer sales concepts. Marketing solutions are key for creating a good relationship between company and customer. This consumer-centric approach is a substitute model for the traditional 4ps of the marketing mix. Siva model stands for Solution, Information, Value, and Access. These 14 slides of the Siva model ppt template contain images to display Siva model marketing.

Solution: What is the key requirement demands for product marketing? What pain is being resolved?

INFORMATION: As an alternative for the hard-sell, we inform. We give data to our target audience of the solution, your value proposition, and the availability types. Then they decide whether it is of value to them.

VALUE: instead of traditional economic theories to set price, S.I.V.A. prefers setting the price of a good or service based on the value a product offers to the consumers. So, value-based pricing is the key to the S.I.V.A. model.

ACCESS: The complete idea behind this is giving consumers access to products and services when and where they want them instead of ordering where a consumer must go to get it.

Siva model marketing template contains a four-section circle diagram, Venn diagram ppt, snake model timeline PowerPoint, comparison slide, and a matrix PowerPoint design. All the templates are picture-perfect diagrams with colour mixing integrations. You can adjust images, size, and contents according to your choice of preferences.