• six box model

Weisboard’s six-box model template combines different PowerPoint shapes and layouts such as circular diagrams, timeline templates, box diagrams, question mark design, org chart ppt, jigsaw piece timeline, and animated cartoon ppt designs. The 30-slide presentation will wholly bring together Weisboard’s leadership model concepts.

Six-box model analysis

Weisbord's six-box model uses six categories to diagnose an organization's performance:

  • According to Weisbord, people should identify and solve a problem scientifically because they are the most aware of their situation.
  • An intelligent approach is a way to link the gap between what is the current situation and what should be it like.
  • Examining the six research areas enables organizations to uncover and draw conclusions to solve internal issues.
  • An organizational diagnosis involves purposes, structures, relationships, leadership, rewards, and helpful mechanisms.


Organizational purposes include the missions and viewpoints of a corporate vision. These objectives and visions must be internalized by the employees, who need to accept them, even if their personal views about how things should be are entirely different.


The structure of an organization determines the chain of command and its flows. Therefore, the structure should give a clear idea of the legal power and provide an accurate and fitting overview of how the organization's goals are essential to be achieved and who is accountable.


Relationships include individuals, teams, technological, and other functional sections that effectively work together.


Reward systems include both formal and informal rewards and must be analyzed to ensure necessary motivation among employees.


Leadership mentions mainly to the managers within an organization, although non-managers can also have a leadership role within their squad. Administrators want to use the human resources they have at their removal as successfully as possible. They also use resources and other equipment from the organization to try and realize the organization's goals.

Helpful mechanisms

Helpful mechanisms are systems that help workers to organize their activities. Instances of such mechanisms are descriptions of organizational methods, procedures, meetings, notes, reports, viewpoints, or combined information systems.

Use Weisboard’s six-model Powerpoint template to give the academic presentation. This is the best combination of shapes and SmartArt vector designs that could be useful presentations other than the Weisboard model. It was developed to reveal organizational matters that get unnoticed by senior management and provides a structured way for control to expose problems without the task feeling too overwhelming. Then, get ready for a long-tail pres