• abcd trust model powerpoint template

ABCD TRUST MODEL POWERPOINT TEMPLATE-- the cut edge graph shape of the ABCD trust model diagram is a crystal-clear presentation slide that shows the four elements of the model. Trust is essential for good relationships. Everything in the universe could only exist through mutual trust and relationships. Trust is the basis of business as well. Even family relationships are founded on the bricks of faith. Without trusting your colleagues and fellowman, you can’t be a good leader. And they, too, put trust upon you. Blanchard’s ABCD trust model contains four key components to building more trustworthiness among your groups. These are, Able, Believable, Connected, and Dependable.

ABCD trust model template is a 6-slide presentation in three variations. It is created as a hexagon timeline PowerPoint, a four-section diagram of hexagon shapes, and a square ppt of parted triangle shapes. Each body is decorated with colourful shapes and shadow effects, making graphics more attractive and special. On the presenter’s side, it gives plenty of places to add texts with the easy transmission.

The two background combinations of black and white give different looks when switching to one another. You can add other background colours and make different looks when going with various topics. For example, ABCD trust model PowerPoint template is a business presentation slide that allows any presentation topic with four components.