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The high-quality circular diagram is presenting RABOSTIC Model PowerPoint Template for business strategy presentation. It features editable segments to display the stages of developing an effective Integrated Marketing Communication Plan. IMC is a collaborative approach to enhancing marketing, sales, and customer satisfaction. Therefore, this model is modulated version similar to a well-accepted strategy model. The IMC RABOSTIC planning model comprises iterative stages: Research, Analysis, Budgeting, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Implementation, and Control. These steps together create Integrated Marketing Communication making, from planning to handling feedback. Many of the components of the RABOSTIC model powerpoint are familiar for research planning and business development. For example, the research and analysis stages are common to all planning processes. Therefore, these stages are not new. However, the sequence of IMC planning will be effective.

The RABOSTIC Model for PowerPoint Presentation is a neat and clean circle template with editable shapes, themes, and segments. This is the most modern circle-making art for complex and simple PowerPoint presentations. The circle with the toothed wheel on the periphery resembles a gear ppt wheel in the end. The template is designed as a spinning circular in appearance. It has three layers with extra ring diagrams that carry infographic clipart icons. Users can insert a heading in the center and the RABOSTIC acronym in the next segments. And its detailed form on the polygonal shape on the top. Each division matches with colors that allow easy reading of the concept. For example, the acronym research and strategy is in black color, the budget and implementation in grey, orange represents objectives and control, and the green shows analysis and tactics.

RABOSTIC PowerPoint Template shows a detailed picture of how this model works. It demonstrates the connectivity of the eight steps with the amazing circular process flow diagram. Users can change color or add other effects using the PowerPoint option menu. Create a different presentation with this RABOSTIC model template.