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  • EFQM Model PowerPoint Templates

EFQM Model PowerPoint Template is a business presentation tool featuring continuous improvement of businesses. This template has been designed to provide an overview of business improvement concepts with the sustainability of the business models. EFQM technique can be used to portray how this management tool works as a whole by improving organizational strength with this application. EFQM is an abbreviation of the European Foundation for Quality Management. This is a self-assessment framework developed by EFQM to improve an organization across all its activities. The mode focuses on what an organization could do or does to provide an excellent service or product to its clients, stakeholders, and service users. This quality management tool aims to ensure the organization's deliverables' quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

EFQM model template for PowerPoint presentation consists of nine standards broken down into five Enablers and four Results managing change and improving performance. The excellence model is pictured in a PowerPoint chart template for easy learning. The five organizational areas suggest how business improvement objectives can be achieved:

  • Leadership
  • People
  • Strategy
  • Partnerships and resources
  • Processes

The four results point to what the future objectives are:

  • People results
  • Customer results
  • Society results
  • Business results

The EFQM model excellence PowerPoint shows all these features in a One Pager template with easily understandable layout designs.

PowerPoint Slide for EFQM model presentation allows viewers to understand the causal nature of the relationship and its effects regarding what their organization does and thus forecast the result it achieves. This PowerPoint business management model has been professionally created to be as useful as possible. The light-up color mixing model lets viewers stay on the topic with attractions. The variant density of the color mix in PowerPoint will ensure audience attention. All the quality mixes have been sourced from the vast banks of standard color palettes. Download the template EFQM for an exclusive PowerPoint presentation.