• ADDIE Model PowerPoint Template
  • ADDIE Model Ppt Template
  • ADDIE Model PowerPoint

ADDIE Model Ppt Template

ADDIE model PowerPoint template is a common instructional model concept widely used in the area of design and development. The ADDIE model is the universal process usually used by instructional designers and training developers. The 5 phases—Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation—symbolize lively, flexible instruction for constructing successful training and performance support tools. Addie model is an instructional system design framework for business development and project success. The PowerPoint design shows a generic layout that matches the widely used Addie model Ppt presentation template. The circle timeline template contains two-directional arrows; one shows the sequence of concepts and other shows the text zones as well as the rotation of the circles with dotted outer frames. Besides, each circle contains infographic SmartArt designs that may have well-matched with the presentation concept.

Project managers, trainers and consultants belonging to different knowledge areas can use the template for the dissemination of their ideas and concepts related to Addie model. The core idea of the Addie model ppt presentation is as follows:


  • Analysis: Define scope and explain problems
  • Design: Methodical strategic planning stage i.e. documenting activities
  • Development: Instructional design of plans such as programming, incorporating technologies and testing.
  • Implementation: Training on the use of new apparatuses and review outcomes.
  • Evaluation: Observing and assessment of each phase (formative) and of the project/product as a whole.

In the ADDIE model, each stage has formed a result that feeds into the following step. The simplicity and flexibility are the key attraction of this ADDIE model, this model is easily understandable, and the users surely get its outcome and feedback immediately. The pattern is made by expert designers to help save time and effort in designing a five-segment model.

ADDIE model for PowerPoint slides provides enough space for the written explanations and a neat and clean look for the spectators. This basic design can be used for other business and academic presentations.

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