• SOSTAC Marketing Model PowerPoint Template

SOSTAC PowerPoint Template

SOSTAC marketing model PowerPoint template represents six areas of sales or marketing campaigns. SOSTAC is one of the most popular marketing models developed by Paul Smith. The marketing model ppt template contains 14 slides to presenting the idea of SOSTAC model. This model involves six elements of marketing that are displayed by circular diagram PowerPoint with a flat banner presentation ppt template. Each element can be displayed discretely because the diagram is designed in separate text placeholder points that may ease the audience to fully perceive the content of presentation. The acronym SOSTAC stands for:

  • Situation: Where is your business right now?
  • Objectives: Where would you like to go? What objectives would you like to attain?
  • Strategy: How will you get there?
  • Tactics: What tactics will you use to achieve it?
  • Action: What actions will you carry out?
  • Control:Assessing the results.

SOSTAC PowerPoint template is created with colorful circle diagrams and timeline horizontal template. Both structures are fit to convey your messages in a neat and clear fashion. However, this template is usable for many other purposes because of the generic nature of the diagram. All the diagrams have enough text areas that help create detail presentation with modern visual clipart designs. It is suitable for education purposes to transmits the value of SOSTAC approach model to the fresh management students.

Marketing PowerPoint for SOSTAC model implementation is a simple business model diagram which should pass the elementary visionaries of marketing approaches. Accept this SOSTAC marketing model as a strategy for your business until you established objectives. SOSTAC model template is an outstanding diagram to present both simple and complex models. However the diagram simplifies its features because of the easy-to-learn design. The graphical images enable the user to create inclusive presentation. Besides, the infographic icons also help the audience to insight the core of the PowerPoint presentation. Download SOSTAC PowerPoint diagram to show your topics in a systematic plan. Also, check out this noise analysis template.