• EPRG model

EPRG MODEL- INTERNATIONAL MARKETING ORIENTATION: this EPRG framework PowerPoint template addresses different attitudes towards the company's involvement on the front of international marketing processes and environment. EPRG's marketing framework also addresses how strategic decisions are made within the company and how the relationships are formed and maintained between the HQs of the company and its subsidiaries. This framework consists of four stages in international operations, and it states that the employees tend to operate in one of the four concepts of EPRG. EPRG stands for Ethnocentric Orientation, Regiocentric Orientation, Geocentric Orientation, and Polycentric Orientation.

Ethnocentric Orientation

The companies accepting or working in this way consider that home country is superior. When they settle for opportunities in the international markets, they seek similarities with their home country. They tend to sell their product without adapting to the new market situations or the taste and requirements of the new market.

Regiocentric Orientation

The company adopting the Regiocentric approach of the framework studies the similarities and differences in the world and its many operating regions and designs the strategies given that.

Geocentric Orientation

The companies adopting the geocentric approach of the EPRG Framework are truly the global players as they display the act and strategy of 'think global, act locally.

Polycentric Orientation

This approach places a strong foundation for every subsidiary to develop its unique marketing and business strategies for success, and the country's domestic market is given equal importance.

This is only a partial explanation of the EPRG framework. However, being a management professional, you may know the strategies and tactics of EPRG marketing, so as a professional marketer, you can download the EPRG model PowerPoint template and communicate your messages to your colleagues and company stakeholders.

EPRG MODEL INTERNATIONAL MARKETING POWERPOINT TEMPLATE is designed with different shapes and SmartArt image layout to benefit all business presentations, including business agenda presentation, vision, and mission presentation strategy presentation, etc. You can download more infographic templates & PowerPoint diagrams here.