• Kotter’s 8 Step Model Template

Kotter’s 8-step model PowerPoint template represents change model business transitions. The users can create detailed presentations using separate stairs and deliver the importance of change management in business. Change can be acquired through business diversification or by using innovative technologies to attract customers. If you fail to apply changes in the most competitive market, you can’t go forward. So, management experts are always searching for new change models to stand out in the market. Kotter’s change model is a traditional management concept it has high relevance in the existing business scenario. So explaining Kotter’s change management to the staff members is vital for any organization focusing on change and development. It is an effective tool for project management presentations.

This Kotter’s 8-step model of change PowerPoint template is crafted as a step diagram slide of a PowerPoint presentation containing 16 templates for descriptive delivery. There are many models and theories for change management with their own merits and demerits. Though, the aim of each practice is to appliance the shift which aids the organization. Also helps understand the impact of change and ensures a cool transition. The well-known change expert John Kotter familiarized his famous change model in 1996. He introduced 8 step model of change which developed on the basis of the research of hundred organizations that were going through a process of change. Kotter’s ppt template describes successful changes through 8 steps.

Kotter’s change model can be breakdown into eight concepts: Creating Urgency, Forming a Guiding Coalition, Form Vision and Strategy for Change, Communicate Vision, Removing Obstacles, Create Short-Term Wins, Building on Improvements, and Anchoring the Change.

Kotter’s 8-step model PowerPoint template is a business theory presentation template focusing change model as a breath of business development. Use PowerPoint edit options and make whatever changes you want to spread over.