• Kubler Ross Change Curve PowerPoint Template
  • Kubler Ross Change Curve PowerPoint Template
  • Kubler Ross Change Curve for PowerPoint

Kubler Ross Change Curve for PowerPoint

Kubler Ross change curve PowerPoint presentation template is showing a psychological concept rather than a business concept. However, this concept can be incorporated into the business presentation. The graphical representation of five stages can be used to display change management. The curve can effectively use by business professionals to help their staff members adapt to change and move towards success. The five stages, denial, frustration, depression, experiment and decision is an alternative to kublers, denial, anger, bargaining depression and acceptance. This patterned in the various levels of emotions which are experienced by a person who is experiencing near death. This is popularly known as the five stages of grief.

The first stages of the Kubler Ross change curve PowerPoint model are denial or shock, this is the reaction towards a change. Because normally people hesitate to accept change. For instance, in business or organization sudden changes from the part of management may not be accepted by the workforce. On the other hand, companies or high-level policymakers could anticipate denial as the opportunity for creative arrangement. The second stage frustration or anger is a necessary stage of the healing processes. The company executives should willing to feel the anger of staffs, the more you truly feel, the more it will begin to dissipate and the more you will heal. This is the part of anger management from both management and staff sides.

The Kubler Ross change curve PowerPoint template is trying to delineate the phases of threat or grief a man confronting in the lifespan. The emotional changes towards a loss may curtail the output of creation. Before a loss you will bargain, after a loss bargaining may take the form of a temporary truce. This is a long duration period. We will do whatever we can, not to sense the pain of this loss. Acceptance is the last stage about accepting the reality that our loved one is actually gone and be familiar with the new reality is the permanent truth. Every organization needs to bring about changes in its management and people. Thus, Kubler Ross change curve powerpoint template supports in carrying several changes in the systems and processes in business, work or employment. The template is available on both PowerPoint and Keynote Slides.