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  • S Curve PowerPoint Templates

Use editable powerpoint graphs and diagrams for statistical slideshows. The S Curve Template for powerpoint presentation will display relevant cumulative data for a project, including cost and man-hours that will have taken to complete a task. It is called S curve because of the shape of the graph. It typically forms a thin "S." it is used to track the project's progress with the help of a mathematical chart. It forms an "S" shape because, in the initial stages, a project's growth is usually slow. However, the tempo is just beginning to accelerate. The team members are either engaging in researching to get more updated knowledge of the project or just beginning to work on the first phase of the execution. However, the growth takes its momentum, creating an upward slope on the middle part of the "S."

The S-Curve PowerPoint template helps to show the relationship between two different variables or parameters. The general powerpoint graph has many facets because it can add attributes from other presentation topics. For example, the S curve slide will fit cases including project development, sales, business growth, popular growth, and floating exchange rates. Besides, it can easily delineate inflations, interest rate differentials, and fiscal conditions. Finally, an S curve helps display the project's success with cumulative data of project aspects.

The S-Curve diagram for the PowerPoint presentation looks crystal clear on the black and white background. The project growth line has three touchpoints showing the direction of the attributes. These point circle designs are colored with RAG (red, amber/yellow, green )combination that allows reading project status easily. Besides, the users can add text descriptions on the right-hand side that are filled with the same colors for easy distinguishing. Project managers can download the S-Curve graph to share projects' status. The statistical diagram is designed in PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google slides. So, download and present with your favorite Software applications. Also, check out our other curves and lines templates.