• Bradley Curve PowerPoint Template

DuPont Bradley Curve PowerPoint Template

DuPont Bradley curve PowerPoint template: industrial safety and employee protection from hazardous situations are one of the key topics of today. Society needs a dupont safety culture to protect and saves the life of each individual. The Bradley curve model helps industries and companies understand the importance of an effective safety culture. Once this is recognized, the companies can move forward towards improvement in those safety levels. Additionally, the Bradley Curve model works on three axes i.e. leadership, organization, process & activities. At the same time, the curve graph has 4 stages of safety culture maturity. These stages include:

  • Reactive: people usually take accidents as a casual occurrence and remain irresponsible
  • Dependent: in this stage, People follow safety values as rules
  • Independent: People take safety as a personal responsibility
  • Interdependent: Jointly, a team takes the proprietorship and responsibility for safety culture

Bradley curve PowerPoint template is an awesome visual graphic created as 22 slides appear in a sloppy area graph. This Bradley infographic provides a summary of the proven system that has helped enable safety success for DuPont and clients around the world. The safety model curve would allow sustainable and lasting improvement in organizational safety. When the curve progressing employees take responsibility for safety, do not accept low standards on safety matters, and strive to achieve zero injuries. Besides Bradley curve has stated that there is a link between safety culture and performance.

Bradley curve PowerPoint template is created for professional security managers and teachers to provide the idea of safety culture and management. It benefits chemical industries, industrial gas providers, automobile, and construction companies to train their staff members (both technical and non-technical) on how do they can behave during the work hours inside the plant. The presenters can change DuPont Bradley model PowerPoint, especially on its color combination and arrangement of text placeholders.

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