• Greiner's Growth Model Curve PowerPoint Template

Greiner's Growth Model Curve

Infographic of Greiner growth model curve: Greiner growth model framework is popular business theory which emphasize crisis is inherent in every stages of growth. Companies’ growth occurs through different stages of development, each stage need methodical management to handle the crisis that would be occurred as a part of growth.Larry Greiner developed his organizational growth model in an article titled “Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow” in the Harvard Business Review in 1972. His theory is based on the belief that organization’s go through a sequence of stages at the end of which there is a crisis. The crucial task management initiatives in each revolutionary period is to find a new set of administrative practices that will become the basis for handling the next period of evolutionary growth.

The Greiner’s Growth PowerPoint template shows the six stages of growth in a graphical illustration. These six stages are; creativity phase, direction phase, delegation phase, coordination phase, collaboration phase, and alliance phase. This 6th phase “alliance” is an add-on extension which did not be indicated in the original essay. Each stage of organizational growth has results a crisis. These crises are:

  • Creativity phase- leadership crisis
  • Direction phase- autonomy crisis
  • Delegation phase- control crisis
  • Coordination phase- red tape crisis
  • Collaboration stage- ? Growth crisis

Every stage requires different skills and competences of the businessperson, as a result of which the Greiner Growth Model orients towards strategic policy.

Greiner’s growth model PowerPoint template contains 16 slides for business presentation. The growth step PowerPoint template visually symbolizing the growth model of Greiner’s concept and its consequences. The presenters can separately show the concept with detailed description of each phase. The users can change color, size, and shape of the growth ppt template using PowerPoint options. Greiner’s growth curve model template conveys theoretical conceptualizations through a visual infographics.