• hook model PowerPoint template

Hook model powerpoint template is a tool used to identify the how a user interacts with a product or a service and how it creates an impact in them. The hooked model is represented in a rectangular layout with four tiles. And the path of the user is clock wise from the top left, and moves clockwise all the way back to the first tile. This forms a hook like shape. The first tile is the trigger, then the action, variable reward and then the investment. Once the user goes through these steps of the model then they tend to be a loyal customer for the brand. The hooked model ppt template is used by all major businesses to regain their existing customers and for creating strong customer base.

The hook PowerPoint model template has 4 unique slides and each slides have their own functions and design styles. The template can be tagged along with your sales pitch template to create amazing sales presentations. The template can assist you to understand how your product drives in customers and what you can do to maintain them. The hook model slides can be used in Microsoft PowerPoint, Google slides and Keynote.