• Fielders Contingency Model Template

Fielder contingency model template is a single slide presentation PowerPoint for the leadership model. It is a business framework that scales how effective you are as a leader in your company. Fielder's leadership theory measures the effectiveness of a leader in an organization. In his opinion, there is no single style of leadership. Leadership is based on the situation. A leader should act according to the situation and change his style as per the situation wanted. Sometimes you can't change your style because it comes from your life experiences. So, no need to change styles but only adopts styles for a particular situation. Fiedler's contingency theory is a solution for trait and behavioral leadership theories. Further, he says, trait theories fail to produce a powerful framework for leadership need to change styles.

Fielders' contingency model PowerPoint template is a graphical representation of the leadership model he has brought forth. The evaluation tool is graphically displayed in the ppt diagram. This is the Least-Preferred Co-Worker Scale (LPC). It indicates a leader's specific styles. A questionnaire will help organize responses and calculations. You can see Situation, Favorable, Moderate and Unfavorable on the bottom of the Performance graph. For example, if a leader has a relation-oriented style, the leader's score will be above 64. If the has a task-oriented relationship style, the score will be below 57. Situational favorableness makes a leader top on the list and can control the group situation.

Fielders' contingency model template for PowerPoint presentation is a psychology slide for business professionals. Either you can use it as an education PowerPoint, or you can use it for business solutions. Alternatively, you can download other slides focusing on leadership and psychology, such as Maslow's need hierarchy template or four exchanges of transactional leadership PowerPoint. Finally, use PowerPoint templates and edit your content.