SCORE Model PowerPoint Template & Keynote

Score model PowerPoint template has emerged as a substitute for the traditional SWOT analysis. SCORE stands for Strength, challenges, options, responses, and effectiveness. It is based on the same swot principle but has key differences in the assessment pattern. It relays higher positivity when we compare with swot analysis. It’s more worth for business and organizational analysis. Instead of weakness and strength, the score model is seeking for the analysis of challenges. Challenges are the core issue an organization confronting to overcome, organizations growth prospect is depending upon the management of challenges, and the rest of the concepts will focus on finding solutions to this issues. The score model template is ideal for the business presentation and analysis the overall situation of an organization.

Perform a competitive analysis with score model PowerPoint to determine how you will differentiate your business from your competitor. Gather information about your nearest competitor to consider, pricing, benefits and features, size and profitability, brand image, reputation, sales channels, marketing and advertising strategy etc. these are the main challenges you facing from your competitor. Using score analysis method you can find an appropriate solution. The strategic thinking behind the model is to recognize the challenges to reaching business goals and analyzes options the enterprise has to apply strengths and receive responses. Effectiveness is related dimensions for impact on effectiveness in the context; efficient, reliable, elegant, appropriate and integrated.

Score model PowerPoint template contains two diagrams in the slide. First slide cover the conceptual elements of the score model. The quadrilateral shapes create a hexagon in the center and the whole. Each shape is colored attractively and contains infographic icons. Presenters can display their descriptions of the score strategy in either side. The second slide shows the effectiveness of the score model. How this analysis may perform their effects on your business. Therefore, the PowerPoint template contains two diagrams of the base model, and the other one shows the relationship with this model. The score model template for PowerPoint is an editable diagram. The users can change the color and the shapes without losing the image resolution. The users can download more strategy PowerPoint templates from our gallery and make the presentations, based on analysis and assessment.