• Mission PowerPoint template and Keynote
  • Mission PowerPoint template and Keynote

Mission PowerPoint Template

Our Metaphor mission PowerPoint template is ideal for illustrating strategies, vision and mission. Adding mission in business helps in defining the goals, plans of the organisation. Business Mission states the goals and philosophies of the company or organisation. It defines the purpose of an organisation, its objective for being. It also elaborates the function of the organisation towards the society. All the business strategies start with a mission. A mission is a short statement which elucidates about the organization, its reason for existence, and its objective. This mission should also conclude your products or services, target market, its geographical areas and selling point.

Mission forms the foundation of every strategic planning. It serves as a guide. You should ensure your Mission Statement includes the essential elements:

  1. PURPOSE: It should always clarify the objective of the business. Why the company exists? What’s its prime objective?
  2. Customer Focus: The goal of the business should be satisfying customer’s needs.
  3. Focus on Core strength: The mission should spotlight on your core strength or resources, that your company masters in and performs well from other competitors.
  4. Motivational: The mission should be short and motivational. It should add spark to employees. Don’t base mission on profit or sales. But stimulate it on employee’s perspective, like how missions contribute to common people’s lives.
  5. Precise and Say What Company Do: Mission leaves a lasting impression on the audience, and it is through which the audience remembers you. It provides insight into what your business does.

Our brilliantMetaphor mission PowerPoint template comes in a handy design. The template features a badge, inside which mountain clipart with a flag is added which metaphor a mission or goal. At the centre exists the Mission, text holder. The design PPT is accompanied with relevant text areas. The design is crafted using PowerPoint objects which offers flexibility in customisation. The presenter can make changes like modifying the colour scheme, resizing shapes, altering figures and text areas. Above all the user can transport the shapes to other PPT presentation. Give your audience a clear and unambiguous mission statement using our metaphor mission PowerPoint template and keynote slide.

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