• Vision Mission Core Values Template for PowerPoint

Company Vision Mission Core Values Template

A company vision mission and core values is a company profile presentation PowerPoint template. You can show the company vision and mission statement by this ppt diagram along with the company core values. It’s a three-section template suitable for banner presentation and column presentation. This is a well-designed business presentation that is fit for both personal and professional uses. A vision statement is future-based, what an organization is most expected to be and achieve in the long term. It conveys the meaning and purpose of your business. It will inspire and give direction to employees of the company rather than the customers. Whereas, a mission statement is a brief explanation of why the company exists, what its general goal is, what kind of product or service it delivers and the like. Company core value is a company value presentation; it includes business ethics and the behaviour towards customers and employees. Core values are the impetus of the company that drives the company in the right direction. It includes social and environmental commitments as well.

Company vision mission core values template PowerPoint is a three-step diagram, which provides space for adding the company logo and company name. The presenters can add a brief description of the company on the right side of the template. While vision, mission, and core value statements can be displayed on the surface of each shape. The PowerPoint shapes resemble banner designs. Each shape has ornamented with infographic icons, these clipart’s are metaphors for the vision, mission and values. The presentation of company profile ppt template covers different aspects of business development and the correlation between business development and company vision and mission.

The company core value PowerPoint template is an editable diagram useful for company profile slideshows. The PowerPoint slide is created in two backgrounds and multiple colour combination is amenable to change. It is a simple PowerPoint presentation that represents a banner presentation. You can download company vision and mission template to project the company profile and company values.

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