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The company portfolio powerpoint template offers a complete view of service areas with detailed graphics. The readymade business templates help communicate company history, services, business models, sale estimations, expert team, and many other areas a company wants for an investment presentation. Generally, portfolio ppt templates aim to attract investors for fundraising. Therefore, this is a useful tool for decisions making in investments. The business deck presentation includes 22 slides, ideally created to deliver your messages with audience participation. The template is designed with a halftone color mix with many designs for the company introduction presentation. The company portfolio pages provide enough space to list the company's history, vision, mission, and services. Besides, the presenters can use the modern trending ppt designs for an awesome business presentation.

The duotone mix company portfolio template for powerpoint presentation has many vector designs and graphical business themes to delineate company services and operational activities. It includes charts and mock-up slides in outstanding design with a blueish background combination. The business deck slide begins with a cover template with skyscrapers. Following the cover slide, the content template passes information in bullet list ppt. The presenters can have many alternative uses for this creation. For example, it is a perfect slide for an agenda presentation with a clear view. The about us and our services slides are typical profile ppt presentations with detailed text areas. There are separate slides for the company vision and mission presentation. Our portfolio slide enables a grid view of your company plans and achievements. The two designs of mock-up slides, laptop mock-up and smartphone mock-up slides, can also be used for product introductions. The growth chart looks attractive in the light blue mix. The history timeline design is a vertical template with a company logo or photo placeholder. The horizontal ppt timeline also is useful for company timeline presentations. You can use the testimonial slide to provide the client's comments authentically. Leader slides and templates allow you to present the company's history makers. Apart from these templates, a process diagram, pricing plan template, map slide, and contact slide are added to this profile presentation.

The editable company portfolio slide allows alterations to its features. The presenters can download alternative company profile presentation decks for their next presentation.