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The company highlights PowerPoint template is a window for your company profile presentation. This professionally created simple slide template conveys your company introduction purpose with eye-catching content and themes. In addition, this powerpoint template contains essential pieces of information to provide a full picture of your company and its portfolio. Company Profile PowerPoint includes three slides with an introduction, vision and mission, worldwide operations, total revenue, associates, countries, and monthly website visitors. In addition, the modern PowerPoint history presentation layout is created with simple PowerPoint columns with company introduction themes. This can be used as a business brochure and flier side. Besides, when facing fundraising initiatives, you can use the template to attract investors with three slides containing everything about the company.

The company highlights PowerPoint template has three slides with three different color combinations. The first slide, in dark and white varieties, shows the introduction, mission, and vision presentation, along with themes in white tints. Each section has infographic icons that align the display with the topic. The second slide is in green and white in a two-tone combination that shows your company's performance metrics. The columns in the template enable common presentation in quick views. Finally, the slide is in black-and-white duotone mode, leading the company or website metrics with a detailed text description zone in the black tints.

The company highlights template for PowerPoint presentations provides business overview instantly. This is a quick way to attract investors by avoiding boring descriptions. This way, the users can explain service or project proposals during the investor pitch deck. This is a useful marketing tool introducing highlighting key company performance metrics. This will provide a structured approach for the company introduction in PowerPoint. Users can change the features and edit their metrics using the PowerPoint edit menu. Instantly download the company highlight presentation template for your next investment pitch deck.