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Digital Notebook PowerPoint Template – Innovative powerpoint designs are best for turning the audience from passive to active participants in your presentation. The notebook powerpoint is a unique template for education and persona profile presentations. This resume presentation ppt; however, it benefits multiple presentations using the common powerpoint structure. This slide offers a brilliant layout for an intro presentation with stunning shapes and vector art. It fits company introductions, profile presentations, portfolio presentations, and persona presentations. It looks awesome in the theme combination of colors and typical notebook structure with modern illustrations. Teachers and students can download online notebook designs to give life to their powerpoint presentations. Besides, educational institutions can use this template as a webpage design introducing special features, landmarks, expert teachers, and quality of infrastructure.

Notebook PowerPoint Template for company profile presentation contains nine slides with an enormous notebook design. The pamphlet model in spiral designs allows you to use two slides for the notebook descriptions. It starts with an introduction slide with a notebook spiral binding layout. This layout provides back to school feel when you see the structure. As a business introduction slide, the inner page begins with the intro of the company CEO. Next, the company history slide highlighted a curved timeline diagram in a vertical layout.

The presenters can briefly describe the company history in the left hand of the digital slide notebook. The service slide comes in a sticky note ppt design on the right side and service description notes on the left side. A page named timeline slide comes next to the service slide, enabling the presentation of business accomplishments with a timeline diagram. The portfolio template is a colorful slide where you can insert project titles with explanations. Finally, you can give contact information using the two-pager contact slide.

The notebook powerpoint template allows you to change shapes, colors, and backgrounds for personal profile presentations.