• race framework

Race Digital Marketing Planning PowerPoint Template is a marketing framework design that showing how could your plan your digital marketing plan in an organized way. RACE is a digital marketing planning framework that can be used by businesses of all sizes to develop and execute an online marketing strategy. The acronym stands for Reach, Act, Convert and Engage, and the framework covers all aspects of online marketing from SEO and social media to email marketing and website design. If you're looking to create or improve your company's digital presence, RACE is a great place to start.

Marketing PowerPoint templates are great way to introduce companies marketing plans before the new appointments. So, if you are an online marketer, you can download RACE digital marketing PowerPoint template to give a short note on your marketing strategies. This is a funnel diagram PowerPoint model that is showing 4 step and 5 step marketing plans.

This digital marketing planning PowerPoint is the perfect way to jumpstart your next online marketing campaign. It's editable, so you can resize, recolor, and redesign it to fit your needs. Plus, it comes with PowerPoint icons that you can add text to, making your presentation look professional and polished.