• 4c model

4c marketing model PowerPoint template is a combination diagram for presenting 4c’s and 4p’s marketing concepts. The four elements of 4c’s our customer, cost, convenience, and communication. In contrast, 4ps of the marketing mix focuses on the four marketing elements, including product, price, place, and promotion. Marketing Mix is the technique of putting the right product in the market at the right time and right place. The first four elements are the product, pricing, place, and promotion in the 7P’S marketing mix, and the three new features recently added are people, packing, and positioning. Once the marketing strategy is established, you should repeatedly use 4ps of the marketing mix to evaluate and re-evaluate your business strategies.

4c marketing strategy PowerPoint template contains 14 slides, including timeline diagram, circular PowerPoint template flow chart, and process diagram. In addition, 4cs of marketing model comprises:

Cost – price is not the only cost incurred when buying a product. For example, the cost of integrity or opportunity cost is also part of product ownership.

Consumer – A company should only sell a product/service that addresses consumer demand. So, dealers and business researchers should sensibly study consumer wants and needs.

Communication – “promotion” is cunning, while communication is “cooperative.” Therefore, marketers should generate an open discourse with potential clients based on their needs and wants.

Convenience – The product should be readily obtainable to the consumers. Marketers should tactically place the products in several visible distribution points. Discover our wide array of social media PowerPoint template and social media marketing presentation for diverse options to enhance your presentations!

The use of a marketing mix is an excellent way to improve your business and organization. The study of the application of the 4P’s and 4C’s marketing mix is a comprehensive study in corporate and other SMEs. You have to know the customer requirements and wants when you are going to produce a commodity. When you deliver 4c of marketing strategies, you can also incorporate 4ps of the marketing mix for a detailed description of marketing strategies. So, create a comparison presentation using the 4c marketing model ppt template.

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