• Abell's model
  • Abell's model

Abell's model PowerPoint and keynote template is a professional design inspired by Derek Abell's model or framework. This framework tries to answer three questions that play a vital role in the formulation of organizations mission outlook. To get a good overview of the innumerable customers and their needs and to find out precisely what technologies should be used to satisfy these customers. As per this model strategic planning process is the starting principle for any given organization, this process known as the mission statement. Three questions play a vital part in the formulation of the mission statement is:
1. Who are the customers of the organization?
2. How can the organizhttps://slidebazaar.com/items/our-vision-mission-powerpoint-and-keynote-template/ation meet the customer needs?
3. What technologies does the organization use to meet the customer needs?

Abell's diagram shows three question in three axes; Horizontal axis positioned with the customer groups. Vertical axis with customer needs and an Inclined axis with the applied technologies. The Abells PowerPoint template monitors the overall summary of Abell's business model. A user can easily download and use the slide to transmit strategic orientations of own company or business. Company managers, promoters, sales and marketing consultants can use this slide with outstanding presentations.

Abels powerpoint template framework answers the question which is created in a three-dimensional graphics or a 3D cube. You can go instantly down the keynote template and use the slides for your next meeting or even implement the model in your organization.

The Abell's model PowerPoint is created in both powerpoint and Keynote you can download the template and use it according to your convenience. We have also designed the template for you in both the aspect ratios of 16:9 (widescreen) and 4:3 (standard) also we have developed the model in light and dark background which will save a lot of your time.