• Lewin’s Change Management Model PowerPoint Template

Lewin’s Change Model PowerPoint Template

No one can grow if they are reluctant to adopt changes. Either you are a business professional or an ordinary employee doesn’t be as static if you want to grow. Lewin’s change management PowerPoint template is created to discuss personal and business change management models. This is an important business management tool for management professional to share the significance of change management in business or company development.

Lewin’s change model describes three 3 stages; unfreeze, change and refreeze. When a solid substance is been melting to liquid form, we can say that change has occurred. So, Lewins change model concepts such as unfreeze, change, and freeze are describing with the support of ice cube PowerPoint images. The Lewin’s change management model however is an easy to understand background. The model is still extensively used and helps as the basis for many contemporary change models.

  1. Unfreeze: The first step of accommodating that change is necessary. Therefore, analysis the current organization structure and start from core to shape a new arrangement. This enables organizations to reexamine the developments.
  2. Change: The stage of determining the issue classify by unfreeze stage. This includes the shift from previous methods to new setting. This changing step also mentioned to as 'transitioning' or 'moving,' is clear by the application of the change.
  3. Refreeze: stabilizing and solidifying the new state after the change. This is the part where organization guarantees the successful implementation of change.

Lewin’s change management ppt template is a 6 slide presentation conveys the concept with self-explanatory illustration methods. Change management PowerPoint slides are inevitable part of corporate PowerPoint presentation because it addresses the most important concept of business development. The editable Lewin’s change management model PowerPoint allows changes in size, structure, and color combinations. Create inspiring business presentation using the high-definition PowerPoint diagrams.