• burke litwin. The perfomance and change model

Burke-Litwin: the performance and change model is an organizational change framework. It shows 12 key factors that must be considered when businesses are going to implement change. This Burke-Litwin change model infographic displays the complete structure of performance and changes with diagrammatic interconnections. PowerPoint for organizational change model presentation shows both macro and micro factors for strategic change.

Burke-Litwin change model template contains four element groups presented in columns. The middle column with arrow PowerPoint connections is the backbone of the framework. The left and right columns are inserted with hard and soft elements of the model. This is related to the organizational culture. The change model PowerPoint inserted all the Burke-Litwin change concept elements such as external factors, strategic factors, operating characteristics, individual factors, and its outputs.

The infographic for the Burke-Litwin performance and change model is a 2-slide presentation on a black and white background. We have several organizational change models in PowerPoint. Kotter’s 8 step model, Lewin’s change management model, and Bridge’s transition model are few among them.