• recognition primed decision

RPD Model Template is a decision-making flowchart PowerPoint pointing to how you could make quick decisions when you are in complex situations. RPD refers to Recognition-primed decisions. In 1971, Decision theorist and psychologist Ward Edwards proposed the recognition-primed decision (RPD) theory. The RPD theory suggests that when people are presented with a problem, they unconsciously compare it to a similar problem they have encountered in the past. If there is a good match, they will use information from the old situation to help them solve the new one. If not, they will try to find someone who can help them find a solution. Either way, people draw on their past experiences to guide them in making decisions.

Process flowchart PowerPoint of RPD model template shows the decision-making paths in an easily understandable way. So, you can use the flowchart ppt to convey your messages to your viewers. Normally, process diagrams are the best way to produce mind mapping. So, the presenters could be using the template as a multi-functional PowerPoint since it could consume any process flows in vector graphics.

Process charts and infographics can be a great way to simplify complex information and make your point quickly and effectively. With RPD model PowerPoint, you can easily create compelling process charts and infographics that will help your audience understand your message.