• rater model template

RATER MODEL is an assessment tool to check the quality of your company's services. The abbreviation RATER stands for Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy, and Responsiveness. Your service provisions could be assessed using each dimension. It helps identify gaps in service provision. Businesses must address service issues because people give more importance to service. The circle PowerPoint template of the RATER model presentation shows each element in an easily understood fashion. As a business presentation template, business professionals and managers can use the template to showcase service gaps to their higher officials and employees. Companies are often using this concept because it brings positive results.

RATER MODEL explains:

  • Reliability refers to how consistently and accurately your company delivers services to your clients. Reliability is the cornerstone if you want to get orders recurrently.
  • Assurance: if the employees can convincingly communicate with their customers, then the customer trust will mount up. When customers know employees' skills, competencies, and knowledge, they will trust your staff.
  • Tangibles: Tangibles denotes the physical appearances of your stores, products, services, and marketing resources, guaranteeing that they are striking and of high quality.
  • Empathy: refers to merging with customer attitudes to build a positive relationship with customers. For example, if you show interest in one's needs, they will please you.
  • Responsiveness: it refers to companies' ability to give prompt service.

The circular PowerPoint diagram for the RATER model presentation is a five-point presentation template. It looks good in color mixing patterns and insertion of icons in the saucer design. The presenters can insert their heading on the center hub of the diagram and show the details in the peripheral textual zones. Like other business PowerPoint templates, the RATEL model circle ppt will allow customization of its features. It is a two-slide presentation with a black and white ppt background. Circular PowerPoint templates are ideal for creating multiple subjects in a generic layout. You can also check out our Quality management template.