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Value Discipline Model Ppt Template

The value discipline model PowerPoint template is a business presentation slide focusing triangular model of value discipline concepts. Value discipline model was familiarized by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema in their book “the discipline of market Leaders”. This model suggests three key areas for business success: Customer Intimacy, Product Leadership, and Operational Excellence. if a company or a business want to become a market leader, it must excel in one these areas. The 8 slide PowerPoint for value discipline presentation shows the classical diagram of business strategy framework in an easily comprehensive manner. The greenish-blue color combination and the shapes are fit to catch the attention of audience with 100% engagement.

Customer Intimacy: This discipline is about not only understanding the customer’s requirements and wants, but rather going beyond that by providing a full range of services to help customers on demand. The point of creating a high level of intimacy with clients is to differentiate a company from the competition and therefore generate the ability to provide a higher value and therefore charge a premium price.

Product Leadership: The Product Leadership discipline is focusing in product development. Often this discipline is a test for companies because it involves significant investment in product research and development, as well as continued investment in order to stay a step ahead of the competition.

Operational Excellence: The simple way to elucidate this discipline is that it centers on the principal of low price and hassle-free service. Essentially, the company desires to be the market leader through a mixture of price and convenience. This needs a company to be creative in ways to lessening production costs or delivery methods so that delivery to the customer is convenient and cost-effective

Value discipline model PowerPoint template contains triangle diagram, arrow diagram and a circle diagram with arrow shapes. Each template has plenty of text areas that allow you to create written explanations of the value discipline model. Besides, all the shapes and written areas are amenable to rearrange or resize. Create an inspiring PowerPoint presentation of business matters using value discipline model ppt template.