• value proposition canvas

The value proposition template for PowerPoint presentation is a strategy diagram that shows how a customer buys a product by analyzing its value. Most companies are creating their value proposition to attract customers. A value proposition is an important strategy to deliver a product/service by explaining its benefits. In addition, customers are always looking performance of the product/service by analyzing how it meets their requirements. In short, a value proposition is a statement that specifies what special features of a product/service are and why a customer should purchase it. A value proposition generally aims at its target customers in the different market segments. For example, lipstick producers target ladies from upper and middle-class families. The value proposition canvas was developed by Alex Osterwalder in his book “Business model generation and value proposition design.” It is based on design thinking principles that are relevant in creating precise business strategies.

The value proposition canvas has two segments, Value proposition, and Customer profile. These canvases are divided into three sections. You can see customer jobs, profiles, and gains in the customer profile design circle ppt. On the other hand, the square ppt diagram shows products/services, gain creators, and pain relievers. You can create an effective value proposition by knowing customers' pain points. To do that, you can follow the following parameters.

  • Know your customer
  • Compare your costs and benefits
  • Analyze your competitor
  • Provide precise and unexaggerated statements
  • Design wisely

The value proposition canvas PowerPoint template is a connection diagram in a parallel pendulum layout. The inward and outward arrow ppt designs create this connection between value proposition and customer profile. The black and white ppt background gives a normal vision of the subject matter. The square PowerPoint is colored blue, and the circle PowerPoint is tinted with green color codes. Each segmental division is inserted by modern PowerPoint icons that are adjustable using PowerPoint edit options.