• Business Model Innovation Template

Business Model Innovation PowerPoint Template

Business model innovation template for PowerPoint presentation has five PowerPoint shapes to introduce business concepts and planning. These business model PPT templates provide a perfect visual comprehension of five different innovative approaches for business model innovation. Business model innovations are strategic approaches that may be considered as therapeutic methods to cure the business problems regarding revenue generation and sales planning. The process of business innovation can create a discovery, but the term is wider in range and includes the application of prevailing concepts or practices in a new way or practicing new knowledge to an existing product or process to progress upon it.

The first diagram is the BCG matrix model that shows the four models of business strategy including reinventions, mavericks, adaptors, and adventures. These are four types of behavioural traits that may be adopted by a businessman to enhance business growth and solve competitive issues. The matrix shows factors involved in making effective choices for designing a corridor towards growth. For example Motivation (Expand & Transform) and Thrust (Defend & Aspire).

Business model innovation PowerPoint template has a few more diagrams which are designed as three model innovation triangle diagrams, business innovation process diagram; hexagons shape PowerPoint showing four model innovation such as customer model innovation, organizational model innovation, revenue model innovation and business model innovation. All the business model presentation templates have been coloured with an excellent combination which may enable the viewer to stay on the PowerPoint topics. BMI ppt templates are generic presentation diagrams, so they may use for a number of purposes apart from the business presentation. Checkout the guide on How to Communicate Your Business Model Effectively and Restaurant business model.

Business model innovation diagram presentation template contains fully editable vector graphics. So, the presenters can make changes to the default characters and vector icons according to the needs and requirements of the presentation. Each template carries enough places for textual presentations with customizable features. The multi-functional ppt templates will be a valuable model which can be added to your whole collection for multiple purposes.