Creating a Business Model Slide: How to Communicate Your Business Model Effectively

By Published On: January 20th, 2023Categories: Blog Post
Creating a Business Model Slide: How to Communicate Your Business Model Effectively

This article will discuss how you can create the perfect business model slide, along with examples, ideas, and tips on getting excellent results.

Let’s start with the very basics:

What is a Business Model?

A business model outlines how a company plans to make profits. It mainly identifies the products and/or services it plans to sell, the target market, and any expenses.  

Business models are important for every kind of business since they can be used to attract investors, recruit talent, and motivate the team. If you’re a company trying to get funding, a business plan can make or break your efforts. A business plan can help investors evaluate good investment opportunities. Even employees who wish to join the company might be interested in your business plan to better understand your company’s future.

So, it goes without saying that having a solid business model slide in your pitch deck is SUPER IMPORTANT!

Your business model slide and how you present it can sometimes be the sole deciding factor responsible for you to land the funding you need.

This article will explain how you can create the perfect business model slide and the mistakes you should avoid.

Pay good attention; this has the potential to change your life…

How to Create a Business Model Slide for Your Pitch Deck

Follow these 6 steps to create your business model slide:

– Identify the key components of your business model

– Create a visual representation of your business model

Explain each component of your business model

– Make the slide visually appealing and easy to understand

Review the slide to ensure that it effectively communicates your business model

Practice presenting the slide

Let’s explore each step in detail:

Identify the key components of your business model

To identify the key components of your business model, you can follow the following steps:

  • Identify your revenue streams.

How will your business make money? Are you selling a product or a service?

  • Define your target market.

Who are the people that you will you be targeting with your products and/or services? What are their pain points?

  • Value proposition

What value do you provide your target market? How does your product/service solve their problems?

  • Key partners and suppliers

Are there any key partners or suppliers that you might need to work with to ensure smooth operation?

  • Distribution channels

How will your product/service reach your target market? Are you going to use online channels, physical stores, or a mix of both?

  • Cost structure

What are the costs associated with running your business? This can be anything from production costs to marketing expenses and overhead. Also, mention how you will control these costs and maintain profitability.

These 6 areas will give you an overview of your business model. Once you have identified these key elements, you can move on to creating a visual representation of your business slide. This is where SlideBazaar can make your life easier!

Business Mode Slides – Examples & Templates

Business Slide Design

The design of your business model slide is just as important as the contents. You need to make sure that your business slide is well-designed. Here are a few pointers that can help you out.

  • Make sure your business slide is easy to read and clear. Choose an appropriate font for your pitch deck, and select colors with good contrast for the text and background.
  • Use good quality, high resolution graphics in your business model slides. These graphics can help the viewer understand your slides better, so make sure you pay close attention to them.
  • Use appropriate charts, graphs, and other diagrams to convey data information effectively.
  • Branding of your business slide should be consistent throughout your pitch deck. Your business model slide should also have consistent branding.

If all of this sounds like too much work, you can always reach out to us to get your slides made. Here’s a link to get in touch with us.

Common mistakes in business model slides:

The people you’re presenting your business model slide to probably don’t have much time to sit through your entire presentation and take everything in.

The biggest mistake people often make is adding too much information to their business model slide. You need to avoid overwhelming your audience with information.

Keep your business model slide simple and focus on the most important information.

Another common mistake people make is not using visual cues to guide the user.

You should use graphics, icons, and other visual elements to guide the viewer through your presentation. This will help them understand the key elements of your presentation much faster.

Keep the language clear and concise. Do not use jargon or technical terms that may confuse your audience.

And lastly, the most important part. Practice. An excellent slide isn’t enough if you haven’t practiced presenting it. Make sure you review the slide and practice presenting it to someone else. You could also record yourself doing it and closely observe to see how you can improve the presentation.

Business model vs business plan

A business model is different from a business plan and a business plan gives an outline of how a company might generate revenue. A business plan goes into detail on how the business model would work and how revenue could be generated.

If you’re interested in knowing more about business plans and creating business plan presentations, we have a detailed article that you can check out.

Why Do You Need a Business Model Slide in Your Pitch Deck?

Investors usually don’t spend much time going through your entire pitch deck. To get the best result, you should be able to communicate all the important details in your slide effectively without taking too much time.

A business model slide includes everything from how your company functions to the strategy you will be using to generate revenue. A business slide is perhaps the most crucial part of your pitch deck since it provides enough reason for an investor to believe your venture is worth investing in.

I hope the points I’ve covered in this article will help you create your own business model slide. Make sure to practice your presentation well. Even the best slides can fall short with mediocre presentation skills. You can learn how to present better by exploring our blog.

Good luck with your presentations!