Design an enticing company introduction with our creative startup pitch deck template. The business slide deck contains 100% editable powerpoint templates to display company profile details. It carries all components you need for a business introduction to attract investors. Investment presentation requires stunning design and catchy slides encompassing each corner of your business model. The creative powerpoint will make your company profile presentation interesting and luring. The edit options allow you to add your company logo, name, data, and images, including the statistical reports of sales and financial outcomes. The business template has been created with a tricolor combination of white, violet, and yellow. However, the ratio of color combination varies from slide to slide. For example, you can see yellow color as tiny in some slides, while poured as splashy in other slides.

This pitch deck template begins with a cover slide to add the company name and logo. Following are the welcome slide and about us slide with photo placeholders and areas for placing contents. Company vision and mission template enable to present dreams and social commitments in a flat vector design. The creative slide also includes what we do slide in a yellow powerpoint background with the violet tinted text box. The company overview presentation template has white and yellow color divisions to catch your audience. The solutions slide a three-point presentation diagram in violet powerpoint background with tree text zones. The product description template has two boxes for comparison presentation. Besides, the product plant template allows plan A and plan B presentation with attraction. The business model presentation is an arrow timeline design focusing on four models—further, the competitor analysis template help forecast tough competition facing from the nearest rival. The social media marketing template allows to imprint social media competition and market reach. The team template will expose expert team members, while the client presentation will show your important corporate clients. Finally, you can use a testimonial template to display comments. Pricing plan template, growth ppt chart, pie chart for sales data analysis, and thank you ppt slide are the other templates added to this creative business deck.