• Disruptive Innovation PowerPoint Template
  • Disruptive Innovation PowerPoint Templates

Disruptive innovation PowerPoint Template is a business theory presentation in PowerPoint and Keynote that uses line graphs to show how disruptive innovation works. Disruptive innovation is not the process of enhancing the quality of the product for the same target group; rather, it involves the technologies used to build them easy to use and available to the non-targeted market. It is opposed to sustainable innovation.

The line graph PowerPoint template shows how disruptive technologies are booming over low, medium, high, and most demanding products (based on their quality). This PowerPoint chart contrasts product performance trajectories, the blue line showing how products or services improve over time with the support of disruptive technologies.

The disruptive innovation PowerPoint Template presents a data-driven chart with bullet point text placeholders. The yellow lines indicate the product performance with traditional technologies, whereas the blue crossing line graph represents the disruptive technology. Time and performance are the key indicators of business development. So, disruptive innovation uses these key indicators to present how its works.

The PowerPoint bullet point designs in the vertical format allow the viewers to read the descriptions easily. Besides, infographic icons in the circle design can be changed using drag-and-drop options. The white and black ppt slide can also be subjected to alterations. You can use the same ppt graph for project forecasting presentations.

Use disruptive innovation template for PowerPoint presentation to showcase theme clearly and impeccably.