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  • Business Model Spectrum Ppt Diagram
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  • Business Model Spectrum PowerPoint Template
  • Business Model Spectrum Ppt Presentation

Business Model Spectrum PowerPoint Template

Business model spectrum PowerPoint template contains nine slides for social entrepreneurship presentation. Social entrepreneurship is an approach by which entrepreneurs are willing to share a profit with social and environmental development programs as a part of their social commitments. The business model template of spectrum presentation of PowerPoint diagram shows three major segmentation of business. Non-profit(social values), profitable (financial values), and the blend of both. This business model is based on impact and profit. Therefore, it includes traditional charity, sustainable non-profit, social enterprises, business enterprises and traditional enterprises. Here, the business models stand for not only profit-making but also the outcome of a business that makes the sustainable development for society and people. But in the case of the traditional business model, it is working only from a profit-making point of view. Hence, this PowerPoint
deck is a knowledgeable tool for innovators and startup entrepreneurs. They can brainstorm on the approach which can best suit their services and accommodate all the investors.

Business model spectrum PowerPoint diagram is a valuable tool while the business going with new generation ideologies and trends. Non-profit enterprises are doing their best for environmental protection programs and social welfare programs. Even in the health sector, non-profit companies are started to enter. The business model ppt shows the three business models which aim for different purposes. And it shows the social values, impact investing and financial value of the business including the traditional charity models, social enterprises and traditional business. This template includes a circle timeline ppt diagram, Venn diagram of intersecting diagrams and bar chart diagram.

Business model spectrum ppt template has various design editing features. For instance, alter the range of colours use to display the profit and non-profit moving to social enterprise. Similarly, do changes in comparison chart regarding shadow effects and colour combination. Use the modern presentation template for a modern business model presentation.