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Customer-Centric Model Diagram

Customer-centric diagram model template for PowerPoint presentation aims to create customer-oriented marketing strategies. So, it’s a marketing ppt template focusing on customer acquisition programs and strategies that may serve to improve business revenues and growth. Every business should be regarded as a customer as a king. Business and organizational growth depends on how an institution treats their customers. Hence, the template is fit for presentation customer relationship management strategies along with the customer acquisition programs. All the graphical elements in the diagram suit for presenting customer-centric marketing plans with eye-catching vector visuals. The customer ppt designs and their unique layouts are useful for various business process models. For example, sales, marketing, lead generation company objectives, customer acquisitions, demand creation, strategy plan, and more. The business analysts evaluate success by examining funnels, leads, sales, and prospects using these pre-designed slides. You can access more ppt templates here. Grab the free ppt now!

The customer-centric model diagram PowerPoint template is created as a hub and spoke diagram which shows the importance of the center elements to the whole process. The human image in the center zone symbolizes customers, and the spokes with numbers indicate the strategies that you develop to attract or retain a customer. The 5 segmented ppt template could depict product features or project management lifecycle concepts because of the generic design layouts. All the text zones on the diagram are decorated with infographic clipart’s that may help the user to create business PowerPoint presentation in a symbolic fashion. However, if you feel these icons are not matching with your ongoing presentation topic, then you are allowed to change these infographics using edit options of the PowerPoint design.

Customer-centric diagram for marketing presentation is a 2 slide visual aid focusing on business keynote presentation and PowerPoint presentation. The users can adjust every PowerPoint object without losing image quality and resolution. Download marketing PowerPoint templates such as customer acquisition strategy template for PowerPoint or customer journey PowerPoint template and keynote slide from our arcade.