Customer Acquisition Framework PowerPoint Template

Sell your customer acquisition strategy using customer acquisition framework diagram. The presenters can display customer acquisition strategy and marketing concepts through a unique funnel diagram. It is a different funnel template created by modern visual graphics. The 2 slide PowerPoint shows the filtering process from leads to a loyal customer. It gives an overall view of the customer acquisition programs from very beginning to the end. The presenters can illustrate two important side of marketing within a single PowerPoint platform. Merging of two concepts such as sales funnel and customer lifecycle can be displayed in either side. This integration is the key highlight of the design that involves almost all topic of inbound and outbound marketing. Presenters can monitor sales funnel process on the left side that includes the topics in favor of marketing team, sales team and customer success team. there is eight callouts on left side, these are the sub-elements of sales process; leads, marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, opportunity, proof of concept, closed, onboarding and renew/upsell. On the other side, the presenters can display process of customer life cycle, this right hand side involves six callouts that shows the customer lifecycle development processes, includes; visitor, prospect, activated user, customer, activated customer and loyal customer.

Customer acquisition strategy ppt is an amazing professional slide that serves for selling your unique concepts of sales strategies. This diagram has variety of uses like marketing, sales, lead generation, customer acquisition, digital marketing and more. The business professionals evaluate success by analyzing lead, sales and prospects using sales pipe template. Present an awesome marketing analysis for complex processes using strategy PowerPoint template.

Lead generation funnel for customer acquisition strategy presentation is a high-definition visual graphics crafted with different color codes. The PowerPoint template is available in two different backgrounds that are amenable to customizations. You can download different type of funnel PowerPoint template from slide bazaar gallery.