• Customer Persona Template for Powerpoint and Keynote

Customer Persona Template

Business and marketing should try to know the personality and attitudes of a customer. Similarly companies should make knowledge about their staffs and high-level managers. The customer persona template for powerpoint and keynote is ideal to introduce the profile of staff members and promoters of the company. In the customer persona marketers general develop a profile of the consumers. The consumer’s biography, job functions, life goals, technology proficiency: as in using software, mobile apps, social media, skills as in leadership, strategic skills, concept development skills, And his personality: extrovert vs introvert, thinking vs feeling, judging or perceiving etc are researched thoroughly.

In the customer persona template for PowerPoint presentation, you get to represent a detailed persona of your buyer as in their demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. This is key as it offers tremendous insight for your company. It is also critical in designing an effective marketing strategy. As a result of a systematic effort the company will be able to attract valuable leads and customers. A buyer persona gives information about what prospective customers are thinking and doing. As a result the company can make informed decisions regarding the solutions that they choose to offer in the long term. The template allows building a much more comprehensive profile instead of a one dimensional look. Building an actionable customer persona is useful as it reveals about the buyers’ decisions: specific attitudes, concerns and criteria. With this information a company can understand what makes the customer choose the company or its competitor and vice-versa. This constructive approach will effortlessly affect the Return on Investment of your business.

Through understand your customer persona when you are able to offer them personalized solutions they will trust your company and make purchasing decisions. All your marketing decisions and positioning should be done in alignment with different customer persona. Leveraging your knowledge from market research and persona your company can provide goods and services that will meet buyer’s expectations. The Persona Template is completely editable and is available in both as PowerPoint and Keynote template. The template is available in light and dark shade background.