• user persona

User persona PowerPoint template is an incredible design integrated with personality statistic slideshows that help introduce client-based data for review. Though the heading suggests user persona, it may also be suited for introducing personal profiles and CV presentations. With these multiple uses, it could be supporting a team introduction PowerPoint template either. So, there is no doubt that this is exactly a multi-dimensional PowerPoint for self-introduction. You can add original photographs, personality statistics, educational qualifications, social status, marital status, behaviour traits, and all other primary and secondary data for self-introduction. Above all, these data could be presented with graphs and charts. So, you can give a detailed introduction about yourself when you are using the persona ppt template.

User persona design for PowerPoint presentation is a professional presentation slide that brings awe to the spectators. It has accurate layouts to introduce one’s socio—psycho traits in a graphical view. For example, there is a spider-web design showing the personality test results. This may be a novel concept in the PowerPoint industry for offering the micro behaviour traits of an individual. Similarly, all the slides have statistical charts such as pie diagrams and Harvey balls-like spots to show different character traits of an individual. Check out character design concepts in the CV presentation ppt template and provide all the data with supporting evidence.

User persona PowerPoint template has 12 slides on black background. You can change the background scores by adding a new colour code or inserting good infographic metaphors. But it is better to avoid alteration on the design elements because it may harm the images and picture-perfectness of the profile PowerPoint diagram. Let it be any presentation-related self-introduction purposes, and this will serve as a vital role in familiarizing one’s character. Instead, use PowerPoint options to edit profile pictures and put images as per your requirements.