Net Promoter Score Ppt Template

Net promoter score PowerPoint template (NPS) is a business PowerPoint diagram that visually illustrates the significant contributions of each customer by dividing them into three categories. This is a statistical ppt template, which enables the presenter to produce who is contributing the major part for their business growth. The net promoter score PowerPoint template is a combination of differently created visual graphics that contains 14 ppt slides for business management presentations. The combination PowerPoint presentation contains speedometer designs, bar graphs, like and dislikes metaphor designs, semi-circle graphs, and chain PowerPoint design. Each vector graphics shows the elements of net promoter score with plenty of text zones and with attractive vector designs. You can access more ppt templates here at

The NPS is principally a single-question survey method to measure the likability of a company, product, or services, etc. For example, the speedometer, bar chart, and horizontal measuring scale illustrate the three outcomes of NPS calculation. Here, these outcomes are Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. The calculation of Net Promoters Score depends on answering the question by scoring it on a 0-10 scale. For example, how likely do they recommend the company/product/service to a friend or associate? A customer scoring 9-10 are promoters, 8-7 are passive and anything less than and equal to 6 is a detractor. Therefore, the net promoter score calculation formula is simply to subtract the percentage of detractors from the promoter. The slide combinations are the different ways for presenting Net Promoter Score.

Each PowerPoint slides in these combinations have two variants. The variations are only seen in the background color schemes. The presenters can change the color combination or even the graphical objects according to their needs and requirements. However, all the templates are created after a thorough study of audience approaches, so if you are not willing to change the design, it will not affect your delivery. Download the net promoter scores Ppt template and deliver your customer relationship strategies in an impeccable manner.