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Customer Satisfaction Survey Result PowerPoint Template

Enhance Research Outcomes with Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

The customer satisfaction survey result PowerPoint template help show business research outcomes with the scaling PowerPoint images. This survey report presentation model uses a doughnut chart and scale with segmented semicircle ppt image and scale with emojis. This template contains four slides in two variant designs that are ideal for presenting PowerPoint survey reports. Customer survey reports help businesses understand customer feedback about services/products. You can get this result by surveying with a questionnaire. The customer satisfaction template uses graphics and color to represent a result. The colors also provide symbolic representation with percentages.

Visual Representation of Survey Results with Doughnut Chart

The first slide for the customer survey report PowerPoint template presents a doughnut chart with four points. These are very satisfied, satisfied, neutral, and unsatisfied. In this PowerPoint pie chart, very satisfied is filled with green color, satisfied in blue color, neutral in yellow color, and unsatisfied in red. Percentages of the survey result have shown in each segment of the PowerPoint chart. This is a clean and neat slide with a black-and-white background design. Besides, the diagram allows text description along the slide of the color spots. The second slide for the customer survey report presentation is an arch diagram and a rating scale with segments. The semicircle ppt has five parts with emojis in green, light green, yellow, red, and dark red. The rating scale and arch diagram have the same combination of colors, while the timeline scale shows the percentage of the results. The presenters can easily add their descriptions at the bottom of the segmented timeline. These two slides also come with a black and white background design in clean and neat PowerPoint.

Easily Editable and Reusable Slides for Detailed Presentations

The slides can be easily edited and reused it is made with 100% editable vectors. You can change the data in the charts and graphs with just a few clicks. New elements can be added to the templates to provide more details. The color scheme, theme and layout of the template can be edited effortlessly. Download customer satisfaction survey result PowerPoint for sales presentations.