• rapid framework template

The RAPID framework is a decision-making model for organizations. This framework is executed by Bain & Company as a systematic process to converge multiple issues and finally solve them through the RAPID model. You can use a rapid framework template to discuss an organization's problems and how to get a proper solution using RAPID problem-solving methodologies. RAPID stands for Recommend, Agree, Perform, Input, and Decision. In contrast to other decision-making models, RAPID looks at collective actions for decision-making. So, it is best when multiple people collectively think to make decisions. RAPID will work well if two or more functional units are involved in the decision-making process.

RAPID framework template has five elements that enable decision-making. The first element, Recommend, refers to recommendations made by a person or a group of persons by giving figures, facts, and research outcomes for decision-making. This is the first step of the RAPID framework, and the rest of the decision-making process orbits around the recommendations. The second component, Agree, denotes people involved in the decision-making process should agree with the recommendations. Otherwise, they can veto the decision. If somebody is unsatisfied with the recommendations, they could excavate deeply until they get a satisfactory formula. Input refers to data that has been generated for a recommendation. I.e., figures, facts, evidence, etc. The fourth component, Decide, means when alternatives are made, it is time to make decisions. Finally, Perform refers to how the decision acts quickly.

RAPID framework for PowerPoint presentation has two designs in four backgrounds. The first design is a CROSS diagram created in square shape ppt designs. The second design is a spreadsheet data table PowerPoint comprised of all elements you need to display in a rapid decision-making model. The presenters can provide remarks and conclusions using the column template. Users can download the easily customizable decision-making slide and can create waves in the presentation hall.